Welcome to ABC Cockapoos!

Welcome to ABC Cockapoos! Our dogs have been called Adorable, Beautiful, and Cuddly (just to name a few). We raise our pups in our home; we are not a kennel facility. All of our dogs reside with us or in a guardian home. (For a description of what a guardian home is, please visit the “Guardian Home” page.) We have 7 children who all have a hand in helping socialize and take care of our pups. They are loved and taken care of from the moment of birth. We take an active role in the delivery of our pups. If a problem should arise, our vet is just a phone call away. We breed our dogs with an emphasis on good health and temperament. We do health testing  to ensure that we begin with healthy parents.   All of our puppies have a vet health check before leaving, along with shots and wormings.  We try to answer as many questions on our web site as we can, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.